Well, I know or knew, as I have not seen them in a while, a couple of young fellows who played in a band and they wore hats that they must have obtained from the Goodwill store or such as I have no idea where one would buy a hat like that. It was a jazz band and the one fellow played a trombone and the other a saxaphone. The sax player is my neighbour's younger son and the trombone is his cousin who used to live accross the lane from us too.


On 12/06/2015 12:14 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes wrote:
Apparently you don't know any hipsters. The Fedora has made a return, its the 
in thing...


Subject: [MBZ] hey WILTON
I was thinking of you and your stories of your youth.

What sort of hats did you all wear back then?

Hats are an odd thing. Useful for folks who work outdoors like farmers
and decorative to some extent for the ladies etc but apart from baseball
hats, seem to have all but faded from the scene.
I have a couple of Tilley hats that I wear from time to time but my boys
did not want to be seen with me when I wore them.




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