Sadly, the failure was not mysterious.
Target totally misjudged the Canadian market.
They assumed that we were like the USA and would flock to Target once they opened. They did not fully appreciate the foothold that WalMart already has here. Apparently (it is not obvious to me but I don't spend much time in either store so what do I know?) in the USA, Target is considered up-market from WalMart. Target assumed that the middle class and up would abandon WalMart in favour of Target. It did not happen. Target opened too many stores all at once and did not have a supply network able to stock them. Their stores did not have enough stock and much of what they did have was not of obvious quality. Many people went to Target once, looked around, and did not go back. I did not even go once. My wife went, told me it was a lost cause, and did not go back. I listened to her and did not bother to go there. I go to WalMart around here about once a year. I go to a WalMart in Grand Forks ND several times a year and mostly buy M1 oil. So, the MBA's who drove the Target bus into Canada were not doing their homework and should have been fired for what they did.


On 12/06/2015 1:44 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes wrote:
Fedoras are for sale all over the place, big stores like Target (which of 
course you don't have since it mysteriously failed in CA) will have a big ole 
stack of 'em...


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