Ahh, it was a tough day food wise. I had cinnamon roll french toast for 
breakfast which came with some of the best bacon I've ever had. I was too 
chicken to try the "Chinese breakfast" with its century egg. Maybe I'll be more 
adventurous this morning.Yesterday (its Saturday here now) was Independence day 
so I couldn't find anywhere to change money. Then an ATM ate my card and my 
credit card company apparently didn't believe me when I said I'd be traveling. 
I was lucky because my hotel gives free breakfast and put a 10000PHP (just over 
$200) hold on my card when I first came in. That charge went through but 
nothing after that would so I could have a pizza for dinner. I had a stern talk 
with my credit card company and they've promised to cut the shit. I also 
realized my American Express might be a better choice for traveling and also 
noticed my backup Mastercard is expired. 
I walked all over the place and managed to make my feet sore from wearing teva 
sandals that my feet aren't used to. I think I might also have gotten a little 
Overall not a great first day today should be better.
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Not to WorryAbout
Walking through the airport parkinggarage the other day I noticed a bumper 
sticker that said "I'mready for Hilary" which got me thinking if I made "I'm 
notsure I'm ready for Hilary" stickers if anybody would buy them.Seems like you 
could get away with it under the guise of satire...



Go for it!
Andrew was supposed to be making "No" Bush stickers,but seems to have fallen 
down on the job.
Enjoy your Lumpia, Pandesol, Chicken? adobo, Squid Guisadoetc.


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