Tom Clancy's last few books were almost prescient.

Not a fan of the current chinese goobermnt, but it is better than mao.
I like most of the Chinese people I have met.

Given a choice between bowing to the east and under the chicom thumb, I'd choose the thumb. All the haoles in China I know of are quite happy. The Chinese I know here, are VERY happy to be here, not in China. The Chinese have lived in civilized society for thousands of years unlike desert inhabitants.

I can understand the neighbors being nervous, but what we need here is someone with qualities like Churchill, or our own TR in the first term, or Reagan. A man who won't bow or cowtow to tin pot dictators like the current (i vote present) resident who does not understand there is supposed to be a big P at the beginning of his title. That makes all the difference in the world.

Jimmay Cahtah or Reagan
resident      or        President


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