I wonder if theres a real market for that these days. There are lots of folks 
my age and younger actually making things and the maker movement has no 
shortage of sew-ers.
Looks like Amazon will come in around half of what you saw at Penny's. I bet 
Wal-Mart does too but I bet the shirts at the Mart are cheapened to match...

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It’s probably been a couple of years since I bought t-shirts, so it’s very 
possible their prices have gone up - I need to look at that and see, as I could 
have unrealistic expectations of the current prices.  I was just really caught 
off guard when I went into Penney’s the other day.

My Dad had a tailor for years, and both my brother and I went to him until he 
passed.  He would measure you up, have you pick the fabric, and a week later 
you had your shirts.  Want more?  Just call and tell him what you want as far 
as fabric and he makes up more from your patterns.

My brother is a “big and tall” guy, and he often remarked that the term was 
simply a marketing ploy for retailers to increase the price of clothing another 
20%-30%.  For what it cost to have Nick make a shirt for him he would have been 
hard pressed to find something of the same quality off the rack, and that’s if 
it fit.

It’s tough to find someone with these skills any more.  I tried to find someone 
in Tampa like him, but no luck.  I didn’t want a high end men’s store tailor, I 
wanted some guy running his own operation who you could trust to take good care 
of you and give you good service.


> On Jun 12, 2015, at 5:11 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes 
> <mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:
> Oh man, I wish I could find somebody to make shirts for me. I hate how light 
> most dress shirts are. They're good for the summer but I like a heavy shirt...
> American Apparel has t-shirts for $28 EACH, but they're made in the USA. Just 
> about every other shirt you might buy will be sending money overseas.
> The shirts I'm having made are American Apparel, their wholesale prices must 
> be fantastic if the screen printer can make them for me at $12.50 each with a 
> 2 color print. I'll be selling some for $20/ea and giving some away to 
> promote my YouTube show, Lantern Lab.
> -Curt


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