Curt Raymond via Mercedes wrote:
Gildan is the standard for make your own printed shirts. Anybody that got the 
ChowdaQ shirt (what year did I make those? 2012?) got a Gildan shirt. They're 
okay but thin.

I've got some heavy high quality white Ts that came from a screen print shop up north. Anvil is the brand I think.
I've also got some thinner ones.
Guess what I like to wear under a dress shirt when it's more than 65 degrees indoors?

Oh, I caught your comment about Dan's shoes.
I have two pair of 'casual wing tips' that I bought before tax season this year,
the McTavish model in black wax infused cowhide and smoky gray distressed leather. The gray ones are a lot softer, the black ones get uncomfortable after the first ten hours or so. Black was on sale for $199 and I had a $50 credit on $200 purchase offer from American Express. Gray were on clearance for $147.

Now I'm on the hunt for something in brown, burgundy, or tan. Would really like to get something in walnut or chili colored shell cordovan. Unfortunately the only 10E Cambridge wing tips I can find at shoebank are black. Will hit the tent sale next week, already bought a $200 gift card with the current Amex offer in case I find shoes that don't cost $200 I'll still get the $50 statement credit.



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