Once again I chickened out on the Chinese breakfast, today I had the Filipino 
breakfast which was crispy adobo pork, a fried egg, garlic rice and some 
fruit.It was fantastic, I don't normally like fried eggs but with the adobo 
sauce it was really nice. The crispy pork was very crispy, kind of crunchy 
actually and tasted great.
I finally found a money changer, the banks are closed on Saturday. I'd walked 
past the place yesterday but didn't really know what I was looking for. Then I 
went to the local public market, its Saturday so they were in full swing. I 
bought a bottle of fresh juice, some freshly roasted coffee (which will be not 
so fresh by the time I get it home and brew it but whatever) a couple chocolate 
croissants and "the best dried mango slices in Makati". Spent around 700php or 
about $15. The croissants were 65 php each which is great at around $1.40 a 
liter of water was 30php after tax which is still less than a buck for a big 
Anyway I'm about ready for bed, since I'll be working all night I'm sleeping 
during the day.

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