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Replaced the fan clutch and belt tensioner on my SDL today.

No but yesterday I switched the 190D over to Amsoil sytnthetic tranny fluid and changed the filter. Swapped the PS fluid to Amsoil tranny fluid using the dilution method (pull the filter and change the fluid in the reservoir 4-5 times after driving a bit between changes) and changed the filter too. The fluid that came out of the PS was thick in comparison to the Amsoil stuff. It looked like it started out life as a clear fluid but was pretty dirty. Kinda grey with the usual aluminum /metallic swirl. There is definitely less effort required to turn the wheel after the changeover. I've had this happen numerous times when changing PS fluid even when I used plain old Dexron III w/Mercron rather than Mobil 1 or Amsoil. My wagon when I first got it used to bind a little when it was way cold, like 10-25 below 0 F. Changing to synthetic fluid cured that. I can't really tell any difference between the Amsoil and Mobil 1 but I can tell you that both brands improve tranny feel as well as steering input. The Amsoil fluid is supposed to be good up to 100,000mi. What's Mobil's claim for longevity on their synthetic tranny fluid?

I agree that changing the PS or transmission fluid (even to NORMAL stuff) usually makes things feel better. Mobil 1 made them feel even better!

Mercedes transmissions need to have the filter AND fluid changed every 30 kmi or a little sooner - it's not the fluid life, but to get all the particulate (from the clutches) out and to replace the filter.

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