Dwight Giles via Mercedes wrote:
I'm with you Wilton. Let me know if you find an extra one. 05 had turbo
problems- yes?

Mine was replaced under warranty in 2006 but there's nothing mechanically wrong with it. Since I don't know enough to cobble up an electronic interface I have no idea if the controls work.

I don't have a CDI, I just have a low mile VNT I bought off eBay, the seller admitted to me he got it free because it was scrap from a warranty repair. I intended to put it on a OM602 with a crazy Finn IP, but shortly after I bought the turbo the dollar dropped against the euro, and I would have had to weld up a custom exhaust manifold, and in the end it turned out to be one of those projects that never went beyond parts buying. It would have been way cool to control it with a PIC, but I probably would have just hooked up a mechanical wastegate dashpot to the VNT vanes.



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