I still miss Rusty (Q)  He woulda found that.

Yep.  Of course, I would have bought the 'bad' Beru set from
him then, so he'd have had a dog in that hunt anyway.

alt. answer: junkyard/upull

Right about now I regret having thrown away that nasty old
worn-out Beru set (?) that came out of the car.  I thought
I was being good, throwing away old crap for a change!

All I have are Bosch ends, which have the wood screw thread,
not the machine screw thread of the Beru.

The car is generally running a lot better now, but it's doing
a new thing:  The CE light is flickering on and off, a lot
some times, accompanied by a stumble and an audible clicking
as the vacuum switch on the RF fender actuates.  No codes.
Not sure what's up with that.  It's intermittent, and usually
does not die.  I don't really have to feather the throttle
off idle now, to prevent it from stalling, so that's a plus.

I'm not a big fan of gas cars.  None of our diesels (MB,
or Dodge) have ever done anything like this.  The rest,
gassers all, either have pulled crap like this, or are
IMHO just ticking time-bombs of fun.

-- Jim


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