Find someone who sprays on Conklin latex roofing.    Search for Conklin roof.

Do you have any amish guys in the area? Amish guys go around putting on new barn roofs or repairing barn roofs. Aside from leaking at the seams and screws, wind will blow the rain up to the ridge and cause the water to run down from the ridge. Amish guys are best price/value generally.

Identifying where the leaks originate is the key.

Lowes sells a latex roof coating that works when you get to 3-4 coats or more. 1-2 coats will last 6-12 months, but when you get to 3-4 coats, it lasts longer. If there is flexing or expansion/contraction, then there is a spun fiber you embed in the latex to span joints/cracks, but lowes does NOT stock it.

The tin roof on the barn leaks. Is there some sort of coating for this sort of thing? Anybody btdt?

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