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I agree that changing the PS or transmission fluid (even to NORMAL
stuff) usually makes things feel better. Mobil 1 made them feel even better!

Mercedes transmissions need to have the filter AND fluid changed every
30 kmi or a little sooner - it's not the fluid life, but to get all the
particulate (from the clutches) out and to replace the filter.


I wouldn't dream of running the fluid at its estimated life-span of 100,000 miles (unless analysis tells me its OK) but the filter will no doubt need attention before the fluid. Perhaps the Amsoil synthetic trans fluid is so good that it reduces wear to the point that the filter doesn't have much to filter. You never know.

BTW Marshall,
Do you have any comparative data between Mobil 1 and Amsoil? I just became an Amsoil dealer, mostly for my convenience but also because I have used their products with analysis and have yet to send a sample of either Amsoil or Mobil 1 that comes back with bad results. I have run synthetic oil from both for 22,000mi and both were close to the soot saturation limits but otherwise tested fine. I have no intention of adding bypass filters. With these results from the lab, I have the confidence to regularly change oil and filter at 15,000mi.

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