By Wilton Strickland

Wachamacallit, wachamadoodle -- whatever you may call it - a thing
Warda, warder -- water
Way up yonh -- a long way up there
Well, I do declare. -- I'm amazed.
Weuns -- we, us
Wheelbar' -- wheelbarrow
'While ago -- a few minutes ago
Whir -- where
Whuppin'-- spanking
Wid -- with
Wide open -- full speed, as fast as it will go
Wire grass -- wild Bermuda grass in the fields of d'backa, corn, cotton, etc.
Whoa, Ho -- signal or command for mule to stop
Who'da thunkit? -- Who would have thought ----
Won't -- wasn't, weren't, will not
Wore out -- badly worn
Ya -- you
Yabut -- yes, but
Y'all, pl. all y'all -- you, Southern for youse guys (Y'all has always been plural for me; I've never used "all y'all.")
Y'all's, y'allses -- your, yours
Yeah -- yes
Yep -- yes
Yestiddy -- yesterday
Yon't da? -- Do you want to?
You can't get blood out of a turnip. -- You can't take from me what I don't have (usually on the subject of money).
You'da -- you would/should have
You look like a gutted herring. -- You look really bad!
You may want horns, but you'll die mull-headed. -- Your wants have no bearing whatever on the situation.
Yourn -- your, yours
Your goose is cooked. --You are really in trouble.
Youse guys -- y'all, you (not native to the area; imported from up nawth and used by a native only in jest)
Yowbut -- Yes, but
Yungun -- child
Zink -- sink



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