Actually, it is normal in this climate.  I found on several occasions where the 
car was parked for 3-4 days (or more) that condensation would sometimes collect 
in the distributor caps, but a good hard drive would burn it out.  This was 
especially common when my son had the car at school, as the parking structure 
he parked the car in was a block from the waters of Tampa Bay. This, coupled 
with the temperature swings and humidity, added to being parked in a shaded 
area on concrete, created condensation on and under the car regularly.

The caps aren’t tightly sealed, and being at the front of the engine and in the 
airflow to some extent don’t get terribly hot compared to the rest of the 
engine compartment.

Numerous references to the same on the W140 Benzworld forums, too. Here is just 
one example of many:

The amount of condensate was very small, but it was enough to affect the spark.


> On Jun 14, 2015, at 8:12 AM, Jim Cathey <> wrote:
> Not solved.  Where did all this moisture come from?  That's
> not normal.  Is the crankcase ventilation plugged up such that
> a little bit of the blowby was coming 'round the shaft?  Did
> you hose down the engine a little too vigorously?  Ford any
> streams?  Buy the car in Florida, 'cheap'?
> -- Jim


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