> archer75--- via Mercedes wrote:
> > You're not unless your fathers or mothers last name is one of the following.
>  > Strasfogel isn't on the list.
> Neither is Yutzy (big time Amish auctioneers near me) or Coblentz 
> (contractors 
> who built my dad's garage/workshop).
> Mitch.
> _______________________________________
When you try to pin down names to particular subcultures it's nearly 
impossible. Few people who didn't know would ever think Miller was Amish. 
Certainly Strasfogels ancestors could be Amish but the chances of Strasfogel 
himself being Amish are low based on what we know about him. I think 
Strasfogels statement was t.i.c., and mine was certainly t.i.c.


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