Have never welded but want to, but watching all those car shows suggests that the tack-welding-sheet-metal technique is the way to do it as the heat will warp the metal if you try to do continuous.

Solution:  Watch more cableTV car shows!


On 6/14/15 4:19 PM, clay via Mercedes wrote:
The solution to that was to not try to make a bead, but to just put a bunch or 
tacks all over the piece and then go back and put some more next to the last 
ones.  Refer to cleaning the old slag above, and my attempts were more 
successful.  That took a long time to figure out.  It also stopped the blow 
outs, warpage and other troubles that build up of excess heat was causing.  Go 
slowly with lots of stitches from quick little spots of heat.


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