Chuck Landenberger wrote:
> Bob,
> When I first got my '80 300SD (W116) in '89, there were different
> motor mounts for each side.  IIRC, the right side was a little
> "stiffer" to offset the torque.  Don't remember when it changed in
> 90's, but they are now the same.  And they are a 123 part number.

I got two different ones from Rusty in 2002 or 2003. I just checked
Rusty's web site, shows different mounts by Febi (right) and Lemforder
(left) for $24.15  and $20.17, or Corteco/Freudenberg lists the same part
number for right and left, only $13.64. If putting a Febi on the right
and a Lemforder on the left makes it work as the factory intended, it
might be worth the extra $17 or so. 

Question for the people who have claimed very short life for new
motor mounts, were those Freudenberg mounts?

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