Sounds like typical, run-of-the-mill politician to me . . .  Oklahoma is
filled with them. Once elected, the law no longer applies.

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 4:57 PM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes <> wrote:

> Yes, actually.  The whole crowd pretty much were sociopaths and in Teddy's
> case he murdered a girl, who was likely pregnant, and never owned up to it
> like a real man.  And I have personally observed his disgusting drunk
> behavior to women as a US Senator.  No class, no honor, no integrity.  He
> believed he was above the law, laws did not apply to him, and he had some
> sort of privilege that mere mortals would never approach -- plenty of
> stories around about his boorish behavior (waitress sandwich?, sailboat
> mishaps while drunk, CG bailing him out, discharging the head tank in
> Nantucket Harbor, etc.).  His idiot nephew Joe Jr. was an obnoxious stupid
> fool as well, as I personally witnessed when he was with Teddy.  The others
> have demonstrated stupidity, hubris, criminal behavior (rape), drug/drunk
> driving, in their lives and deaths.  His brother John was an adulterer to
> his wife and children (who grew up stupid too), and a bunch of the idiot
> spawn have done the same. The father had his daughter (sister to
> Teddy/John?Robert) lobotomized without even telling the wife/mother because
> she was a bit troublesome.  They were good "checkbook Catholics" who made a
> mockery of the Church and people who have that strong faith.
> So yeah, I hate them and all they have stood for.  It's amazing how some
> particular individuals who have a particular ideological "purity" get a
> pass on their otherwise disgusting pathetic existences. If it wasn't for
> daddy's ill-gotten gains, the whole crowd would have been nothing.  Having
> lived in MA for 22 years and seen the behavior and him directly, I do have
> a fixation.
> --R

OK Don

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