Jeez, you should have bought him the 700 dollar SDL. It could have been made decent with some labor, a welder and a few parts.

At 07:22 PM 1/28/2006, you wrote:
anybody have any leads, preferably in the midwest area, so we (friend and I) can check it out? My parish priest wants one. He loves my SD and one of his teachers in the school (a MOPAR nut) got a great deal on a nice 240D a few months back. (He already replaced both axles (one was bad and he figured he might as well do them both because they were cheap and easy - MB axles too)) and upgraded the read diff for more speed in 4th - MOPAR guys make good diesel converts). With 9 diesel MB's (newest being 1985) "gracing" the Church parking lot, Father Dean wants to sell his Toyota and jump on the bandwagon.

  Any help is appreciated.

Christopher McCann, Squier Park, Kansas City, Missouri
-2005 Blue Point Siamese, "Rose"
-1992 Volkswagen Golf, diesel, 185K km, "Nanook"
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-1985 300SD, 211K, "Wulf"
-1976 240D, ?K, "AKP-Wagen" (Alternativen Kraftstoffs Pr├╝fenlastwagen)
-1972 Jacobsen 21" Turbo Vent
-1971 Case 222 Hydrive, 12HP Kohler, 38" deck, Snowcaster, "One Banger"


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