I wanted to let you all be the first to know about my decision and announcement. I have been thinking long and hard about it, and had to screw up my courage but with your help and consideration I decided it is finally time to let the world know.

I have become transGerman.

Yes, this may surprise everyone, but it is something I have known since I was a kid, even before I really knew what German was. I guess my first awakenings started when I watched WW2 movies on TV when I was young. Then Combat! came along in prime time, and my curiosity was aroused more by the German soldiers, tanks, guns, half-tracks, and yes, old Mercedes staff cars than by Sarge, Little John, etc. The power and strength projected by that machinery resonated with me deep in my soul. I cringed when the pilots of 12 O'clock High bombed all that equipment but I could not let on. As time went on I was always the German when we played war, and willingly allowed myself to be shot and captured by my American friends. They all thought it was just playing, but inside I knew I really was German and it was not acting for me. Hogan's Heroes? Don't even get me started on that -- Colonel Klink showed me that wearing a monocle was OK, even though I only did it in private.

In high school, when I heard a classmate's father actually owned a Mercedes-Benz car, you can't imagine the feelings that stirred in my heart. I wanted to go touch it and feel it and run my hands over it but it was not to be. I still could not tell anyone for fear of the lingering stigma associated with Germaness, but when another friend started taking German language classes I started to feel like there was hope. I was still afraid to open up to anyone about my true self, so kept it repressed even to family and friends.

As I got older, and the opportunity arose to actually purchase a Mercedes-Benz car of my own, I jumped on it! The joy I felt was tempered by the reality that actually coming out as transGerman would alienate friends and neighbors and family, so I kept it quiet still (though I think many suspected my true nature). When I began spending hours talking about German cars, researching the fascinating details of the different makes and models and years and how to keep them running well, I knew it was only a matter of time.

I found this list and found a community of acceptance, which has meant so much for me.

When my son needed another car, my first thought was Mercedes! I could live vicariously even more through his experience, though I was not trying in any way to recruit him to this lifestyle, though he did need to develop an understanding of what it meant. My daughter learned to drive a Mercedes but she is clearly cisAmerican too.

My near-redemption came when my wife indicated that she too wanted a Mercedes-Benz automobile, a diesel even! I knew then that acceptance of my true Germaness was at hand! I'm sure many of you have suspected this and I thank you for your understanding and acceptance of my decision to make it official! What really made it right for now was driving the ML350 Bluetech this weekend and just knowing it was sooooooo right! All my fears and apprehensions have evaporated, and I truly feel joy to announce officially and with great pride my transGermaning.

I know we can't all be physically together to celebrate this big event in my life so I hope that you all can go start your cars today and think a bit about what this means to me, and to work hard for full transGerman acceptance in our society.

Carry on!



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