Got the wife’s former 2005 Mazda 6s all gussied up and Martha’ed yesterday.  
Took pictures last night, posted ad on CL and got a flood of responses.

First guy the responds back to me from the inquiries I got says he’ll be right 
over to check the car out.  He sounds nice and solid.  He shows up with son in 
tow, they look the car over, take it for a drive, come back and give me my 
asking price.  Nice.

I’m on the phone with the insurance company canceling the policy on the car, 
and I keep getting these bursts of tone/static/whatever on the phone.  I chalk 
it up the insurance company routing me through a call center in Bangalore to 
speak with “Andy” to determine where to route my call.

I finish up and look at the phone and notice that the guy who bought the car 
has been trying to call me.  Hmm. I call him back.

He says the car is running poorly and acting funny.  Not good.  I tell him to 
get back to my house ASAP and he can have his money back, as I’m not about to 
sell a car with issues.  He says OK, and I pace in front of the garage waiting 
for him to return.

He gets back and I put the OBDII reader on the car.  P0305 - bum ignition coil 
(COPs) on the #5 cylinder.  Dammit.

“Can you fix it while we wait?”

"Nope.  Here is your money, sorry for the inconvenience.”

“But I want the car.  My son wants the car.”

“I don’t sell cars with issues.  I stand behind anything I sell, and if I’m not 
confident it’s good, I am not going to sell it to someone.”

Long story short, he still wants the car.  It’s a graduation gift for his son, 
and the kid was obviously smitten with it.

I went out to FLAPS and got a new coil, took me all of five minutes to swap 
(thank goodness it’s one of the ones in front!) and then road tested the car on 
surface streets and the interstate without it missing a lick.  I’m going to 
send it over to the local stealer to give the once-over tomorrow and I’ll go 
ahead and sell it to him.

Dang, I felt like to real dick when he brought the car back.  I felt worse for 
his son. I think the guy was so impressed with my honesty that he was even more 
convinced he wanted the car.  I would’t have been able to sleep if he had taken 
it the way it was and chalked things up to experience.

How do car salesmen do it?  They must not have consciences.



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