Since I bought the coils on separate orders, they were under $100. I used the 
promo code TRT30 and got 30% off, knocking the price down to $47 and change.

Advance has coils for the Mazda as cheap as $30, but they don't stock them. 
While I would have rather gone that route, I couldn't wait.

I have an Advance Auto store 4 miles from the house that is a regional "mini 
warehouse", as it's a former CVS store with a mezzanine. They stock a huge 
inventory and pretty much have anything and everything that's available from a 
store. Very convenient.


> On Jun 17, 2015, at 7:32 AM, Mitch Haley via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> Dan Penoff via Mercedes wrote:
>> Last night’s coil was number five of six that have been replaced.  I already 
>> ordered number six and I’m picking it up on the way home from work tonight. 
>> I would rather spend the $47 for another coil than worry about it crapping 
>> out on them a couple weeks from now. At least then I know they’ve all been 
>> replaced at this point, as each one is a ticking time bomb. For under $100 
>> I’ll be able to live with myself when they drive the car away.
> Now there's a use for an Advance Auto Parts $40 off on $100 coupon.
> With my S420, it had a bad #8 coil. I bought it an ordered a $50 Beck-Arnley, 
> because it came with the boot and was cheaper than Bosch. Got an unmarked 
> Chinese coil, but it worked. Car started misfiring within five miles on the 
> way home. Computer said #4 coil. Swapped #4 with #3, computer said #3 coil. 
> At that point, the car had 4 Bosch/Mercedes coils in it and four no-names. 
> All 4 of the starmarked coils were made the 14th week of 1997. I bought a 
> couple of Diften coils with boots from two different Amazon sellers. They 
> were less than $30 each, I'd install whichever one got here first and I'd 
> have a spare. So far, the Beck Arnley and the Diften are working fine. They 
> look just like the other replacement coils on the car. I wonder if all the 
> coils without brand markings on them come from the same place, and I wonder 
> if it's URO. I'm pretty confident none of them came from the local MBZ dealer.
> Sure, I believe the seller, the car was dealer serviced and the seller had a 
> stack of dealer receipts before his wife threw them out.</sarcasm>
> A car practically resting on the bump stops, with both front springs broken 
> in at least two places each. A car with three noname coils, 7 Champion and 1 
> Autolite spark plug in it. At least I can be glad it had four factory wipers 
> on it, but the passenger side windshield wiper had to be over five years old.
> Mitch.
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