They could just buy Tesla and have a turn-key operation with a lot of the heavy lifting done. The autonomous stuff seems to be getting pervasive amongst a few companies so that is not a huge hurdle.

We are well on our way to having the mandate that all new vehicles will have hive algorithms so that no one goes faster than another, no one can do things outside of the parameters, and all will be subject to various tariffs, taxes, fees, and licensing and permits, as well as congestion pricing, mileage limitations and assignments, design types and styles, performance standards, and various other hugely effective social engineering goals -- cooperative "autonomy." And no fun allowed! And all this will be controlled by a huge new bureaucracy similar to that which has had great success, say, delivering medical care to veterans or "affordable care" to millions or collecting taxes efficiently and without corruption. Of course "we" will have to "invest" $billions with the new companies that spring up, like Solyndra or the A123 battery companies that have gone bust despite these "investments." Now "we" might have a few false starts, though the companies' "owners" will walk away with the $billions somehow (a good part of which will be reassigned to certain political committees), but overall it will be a great stimulus!


On 6/17/15 2:05 PM, Andrew Strasfogel via Mercedes wrote:
Apple could dominate market -- analystPublished: Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Apple Inc.'s reach could soon include electric automobiles, according to an
industry analyst.

"If the world's most valuable company were to design and engineer a car, we
are convinced it would be 100 percent a battery electric propulsion
system," wrote Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas to investors yesterday.

The company has reportedly already created a team to work on designing an
Apple-branded car, though it has not made any comments on the topic. A
lawsuit from electric-car battery maker A123 Systems this year accused
Apple of poaching its employees.

Apple can certainly dump resources into the project; the technology company
pulls in about $15 billion in profit every business quarter, which is equal
to four months of the research and development of all the world's
automakers combined, Jonas said.

The company could help pioneer self-driving cars, which some see as the
future of transportation in America.

"A fully autonomous car is meant to be shared, not owned," Jonas said. "A
fully autonomous car -- as in no steering wheel, no pedals -- can work 24
hours a day" (Jerry Hirsch, *Los Angeles Times*
June 16). *-- BTP*

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