My view on the Pope's encyclical: he's just alienated a significant portion
of his "flock" by moving into the political / AGW-religion arena.  A few
years ago, many protestants were considering converting to Catholicism due
to the infiltration of leftists / wackos / LBGT movement that was totally
perverting many American churches.  Seemed like the catholics were going to
hold the line against all that nonsense, and were finally dealing with the
priests that assaulted/abused young boys, so maybe that would be a refuge
of sorts.  Now I fear many of those are quite disappointed in the new
direction this Pope has taken.

Charleston SC

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 7:09 PM, Mountain Man via Mercedes <> wrote:

> None of it works.
> We will pollute ourselves in to oblivion.
> Read the Pope Encyclical on pollution, greed.
> Ain't a thing to be done.  Call it AGW or what have you - we either
> retreat to stone age or die polluted.
> Ain't that real fisiks?
> ...or, maybe it is christianity...
> mao
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