Thank you for the comment, just wanted make sure.

I have been thinking of pulling the radio in my 95 as I have lost the antenna command when the radio is turned on. Antenna function was just fine and then became intermittent. Pulled the antenna and is working just fine, but there is no out put from the radio. Need to make the special removal tool to get the radio out. I may have to break down and install a manual switch or command the antenna up and leave it up.


Bob Massmann
Robert Massmann
Oregonia, Ohio
1995 E300 420Kmiles

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Hey Robert, long time no post!

Good luck with that, I don't remember anything about the orientation when I
replaced those bushings on my '95.  I do remember that there is one or two
exhaust heat shields that you need to remove in order to get a good attack
angle for those bolts.

Charleston SC

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