We true German-Americans take note of your desire to become a citizen of the 
Fatherland. The next time Germany invades Russia, you will be given the 
opportunity to join the glorious Wehrmacht as a frontline fighting man. If you 
perform heroic deeds like true German soldiers; even when advancing to to the 
rear; you will be eligible for battlefield citizenship and a residency permit 
where you can drive real Mercedes instead of the lesser export models you now 
Gerry HUFMANN Archer  

"Rich Thomas" wrote:
> >I wanted to let you all be the first to know about my decision and 
> > announcement.  I have been thinking long and hard about it, and had to 
> > screw up my courage but with your help and consideration I decided it is 
> > finally time to let the world know.
> > 
> > I have become transGerman....snip


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