For those that don't know, the F-16 has a quad redundant (including sensors) 
digital fly-by-wire flight control system starting with block 40 (first LANTIRN 

One day during hard ACM training maneuvering, one of those F-16 aircraft 
started a violent un-commanded pitch oscillation (+3g to -1g for 18 sec, as I 
recall).  It started and stopped suddenly for no apparent reason.  All four 
digital channels of the flight control system computed the exact same commands 
25 times a second for this to occur.  As far as I know, the cause was never 
discovered and it never happened again.  The whole point here is that digital 
systems can and do exhibit queer behavior, at times, that is beyond human 

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> Don via Mercedes
> Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2015 9:58 AM
> A: Because the "other" OS out there, (also Linux), recognize that there are 
> bugs
> to be fixed and holes to be patched, and do so on a manageable schedule
> instead of claiming (at least by the fan boys) that they are superior and
> invincible.
> B: Since the last discussion was about an Apple car. No OS is impervious to
> attacks and hijacking, therefore no autonomous car will be totally safe.


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