> > > Dan wrote:
> > >
> > > While this is an issue, why is it a big deal when the
> > > "other" OS

> > Philip questions :
> > 
> > Other? Singular?  So there's only two??

> Rick wrote:
> ‎In his defense, Microsoft and Apple Operating Systems
> pretty much dominate the PC OS market.

True.  And that's partly because anything else is
disregarded.  I didn't want that oversight to go
unchallenged. *smiles*

> If you are writing malicious code, it would make sense to
> target the most widely used operating systems.

Weak argument.  Apache running on Linux has been the dominant
web server for many years - yet (as of a couple years ago)
MSWin was by far the most hacked web server.

Maybe "widely weak" is the target rather than "widely used". 

And I'll state here that no Operating System is totally
secure.  An "insecure" user is the biggest threat - kinda
like the loose nut behind the steering wheel is the biggest
threat in a car.

> Linux is over one percent now. I'm not sure what I'd
> attribute that to. I might have to find another
> alternative... This one is getting too popular...

Try BSD.  Or spend some money on one of the commercial Unixes
(Uni?  Unixs? Unix version.)  I think I'll just ride it out
here with my GNU/Linux OS...


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