Thanks for that info on the CD changer port.  I've got a couple of old CD
changers, not sure if either works, maybe I can enlist Rich to figure out
what the CD changer is saying to the radio to make the CD input active.

I have seen a couple of "hacks" to solder the aux cables to the cassette
tape board, that doesn't look too bad.  One hack required that a gutted
tape be inserted in the tape player to make the tape input active, but I
wonder if the radio would then count down the 30 hours and then call for
the head cleaning.

I still need to decide how to tackle the fader switch.  Perhaps the only
redeeming feature of the so-called "installation" job done to the car
earlier is that they didn't mess with the fader switch and wiring.

If I keep the fader switch, do I only feed it the front speaker signals
from the 1492, or should I combine the front and rear signals (more power)
to feed the fader?  My gut tells me that combining the signals is a bad
idea, so if no one can answer that I'll probably only feed either the front
or the rear signals to the fader.

Charleston SC

On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 5:40 AM, Dan Penoff via Mercedes <
mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:

> Max,
> In researching possible mods to the 1492s in my W140 chassis cars, I
> looked at the CD changer inputs and determined that they cannot be used for
> auxiliary inputs.  This is due to the need for a signal to be coming back
> from the changer for the changer input to be active.  It’s not something
> you can “fake”, either.
> I believe the Becker folks do it by connecting to the tape head on the
> cassette player section in order to get it to work.
> Dan

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