the wiring degrades! Plan on replacing ALL the harness'. The ETA's harness
is also know to degrade, fortunately my ETA's were fine. Replacing the
evaporator and rear accumulators are the least of your worries.

Are you watching the 1992 white one with the fogs in the bumper? That one
has late model wood in it, looks like it's been gone through.


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> <Amazing car to drive. Love ours. Lots of power. Wiring sucks.
> <James Zavesky
> James - I have been toying with the idea of getting an S600 - one on ebay
> now looks pretty good, but I am not ready to make the jump.   What is the
> problem with the wiring?  I thought pre '94's should be ok.
> For all those who offered help with the erratic blinker:  It is still an
> occasional problem, but playing with it [flashers, blinkers, stalk]
> stops it.  Never had the panel off where the flasher switch is located,
> I don't think I am getting contact cleaner where it needs to go.  Is there
> simple way to get access to that switch?
> BillR
> Jacksonville FL
> 1981 300SD  EM   270k miles
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