Sounds like a nice morning.  Much better than risking heat stroke at the
pick-n-pull!  Took me six hours and a few gallons of sweat to liberate a
#20 head from a '95 S350.  I also took the injection pump, the glow plug
relay, injection lines and injectors.  I also have the turbo, which I
didn't really want but it came off with the head, and at that point I was
so beat I didn't have the energy to remove it and leave it behind.

The #1 piston looked very oil compared to the rest, and the head gasket
looked ruptured at the oil gallery near #1, so I'm guessing that it was
burning a lot of oil and maybe bent the front rod and ovaled out the
cylinder.  There were no honing marks visible on the cylinder wall at #1,
but I didn't check the others to compare.

Charleston SC

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