If anyone is going to their local P&P in the near future, would you be wiling 
to look for a couple of cables I need to retrofit a phone to my S430?

Pretty much any W220 from 2000-2006 and even other models of the same vintage 
would have what I want if they were equipped with a factory phone setup.  I’m 
looking for the cable that comes off the PSE as well as a fiber cable that goes 
between the voice control module and the PSE.  These would be mounted in the 
trunk on the driver’s side if a W220.  In the trunk as well on other models, 
but I’m not exactly sure where.


PSE with cable: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x7e6txlggwv4hef/PSE.JPG?dl=0

Fiber cable: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3xh4t1n47d9rna/Fiber%20cable.jpg?dl=0

There is one P&P here in Tampa (LKQ) and they have one car that fits the 
description.  It doesn’t have a factory phone.  Both of the cables are NLA.



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