A couple of times I flew BA from NYC to LHR in order to board the QE II at 
Southampton and cruise back to NY (for work...a tough job, but someone had to 
do it!).  On one of those flights someone called in a bomb threat to BA for the 
flight I was on.  The captain explained what they had done in response and I 
was satisfied enough to stay on the flight, though many ran off like rats from 
a sinking ship.  This resulted in an upgrade to first for me.  I also got to 
fly first on many NW flights when SWMBO worked for them, most notably a trip 
from NYC to ANC and back.  On the flight back we had the first class cabin to 
ourselves!  Back then we could upgrade for $10!  These days we're lucky to get 
any seat with our flight benefits.


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I paid for those upgrades many times.  It was interesting, when the small 
company I worked for opened an office near London some travel agent, I think an 
Indian guy the company owner knew, gave us 5 BA gold cards in exchange for 
booking flights through him.  I snagged one and that got me biz class one way, 
then I had to fly coach coming back which was ugly.

When I went to Lotus we could fly biz class internationally, so in going to 
England and Yurp I flew BA and got first-class upgrades since we bought biz 
class, and I had the gold card.  That was both ways, which was very nice, and 
being able to use the first class/Concorde lounges was great too.  I always sat 
with the "big boys" on the upper deck on the 747s and they wondered how I 
managed that, I never told them so they thought I was magic or something. That 
was pretty funny.  The scotch drinking came in handy as one of the SVPs enjoyed 
drinking and conversing and he was pretty funny (this was the guy who liked to 
scratch and rearrange his gentlemanly components in meetings and drove a Porch 
Turbo, he was pretty much a pig but entertaining).

At some point I cashed in miles for my wife and daughter and me to go to London 
and Greece on BA, biz class for my wife and me, and my daughter got a coach 
seat which was OK as she was only like 13 or 14.  We got to the club at HOU, 
where we had moved to, and checked in, I asked if there were any other seats 
open, and the girl got upgraded too (I just gave her the boarding pass, when 
she saw where she was sitting she let out a whoop and the FAs thought that was 
great so they treated her like Lady Die).  Went to the lounge at LHR on the way 
back and same thing, so we did quite well.  I always liked BA, the people were 
always really nice.

That was pretty much the last I went to yurp, so now relegated to cattle class 
again, but recently on my trip to Belize I managed to scam some extra legroom 
and exit seats without paying the upgrade, which was awesome because I really 
could not fit in the "new" coach seats.  No food and drinkies though, boo.



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