Marshall and John - Thanks for the help.  I'll continue with the numerous
repitions, and try to get at that switch, and only consider VERY well priced
140's or those with reworked wiring. 
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BillR wrote:
> <Amazing car to drive. Love ours. Lots of power. Wiring sucks.
> <James Zavesky
> James - I have been toying with the idea of getting an S600 - one on ebay
> now looks pretty good, but I am not ready to make the jump.   What is the
> problem with the wiring?  I thought pre '94's should be ok.
> For all those who offered help with the erratic blinker:  It is still 
> an occasional problem, but playing with it [flashers, blinkers, stalk] 
> usually stops it.  Never had the panel off where the flasher switch is 
> located, and I don't think I am getting contact cleaner where it needs 
> to go.  Is there a simple way to get access to that switch?

Some cars (W140s for sure) got the biodegradable wiring (and all of the
wiring problem associated with that) in 1992 while others (like the 124
diesel) didn't have until 1995. Just depends on on the particular chassis
AND engine.

Usually switching the Hazard switch on and off about 100 times will clean it
or break so it requires replacement to restore reliable function. Have you
tried cleaning (or buckling/unbucking about 50 times) the seat belt buckle
switch? When it gets dirty in early '80s cars - the buzzer may sound.

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