When I was commuting between TPA and SFO on a bi-weekly basis for about 6-7 
months I got to know the FAs on my flights in both directions.  That was a nice 
perk, as once they recognized you as a “regular” they would make sure you were 
well taken care of.  I had a couple of instances where I got a “courtesy” 
upgrade to first class when there were empty seats.  Nice.

I think a lot of courtesy and respect go a long way with these folks, as in a 
lot of cases people seem to treat them like glorified waiters and waitresses.  
When they recognize that you value them for what they do and don’t treat them 
like hired help they seem to be a lot more accommodating….


> On Jun 22, 2015, at 6:26 PM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes <mercedes@okiebenz.com> 
> wrote:
> The G-man nails it.  I actually had some of the same FAs on different 
> flights, and because I chatted them up they remembered me and treated me 
> extra nice (and they were genuinely nice too and enjoyed the opportunity to 
> chat up the Yank).  That was quite posh! BA also had FAs who would be 
> attractive, to um, certain gents of a different persuasion, while I struck up 
> my conversations with the ladies.  And their little hats worn at a jaunty 
> angle always appealed to me...
> On another note, a buddy of mine did the BOS-LAX flight quite often on AA11 
> (? I think that was the one) and got to know a couple of the FAs because he 
> saw them pretty often, who sadly were on the flight on the morning of 9/11.  
> That actually really hit him hard as 1) he could have been on there, and 2) 
> he knew people who were.
> --R


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