I used to think this was an elaborate hoax.  Now I am leading in the other
direction (non-hoax).

Company looks at compressed air to squirrel away energyPublished:
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Canadian-based company NRStor Inc. set its sights on solving the
complicated and critical problem of energy storage with technology that
would compress air and store it in salt caverns to backup the grid when the
wind isn't blowing.

The technology would also be used for Ontario's nuclear reactors when they
are pumping more energy than is needed.

NRStor is one of more than a dozen companies wrestling for contracts to
supply about 16.4 megawatts of storage to illustrate the commercial
viability while testing how to incorporate the services into the grid.

CEO Annette Verschuren said NRSTor's proposed 2-megawatt project would also
construct about 1,000 MW of capacity for compressed air storage over the
next 20 years to build a "flexible, green, 21st-century electric system" in

"Our focus is to make [the storage] competitive with the cost of generating
electricity from gas turbines," which is currently used to back up
intermittent wind power, Verschuren said. "We think it's there now."

NRStor is joining up with Massachusetts-based General Compression Inc.,
which developed a compressed-air technology that uses heat exchangers in a
so-called near-isothermal process instead of fuel.

General Compression CEO Joe Cofelice said the compressed-air system's
advantage over battery storage is its long-term storage, versus the battery
storage options that store electricity for a relatively short time (Shawn
McCarthy, Toronto *Globe and Mail*
June 23).

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