Look on the inner fender in front of the fuse box. Mine has a 1/2 inch square by 1 1/2 box there. Inside it has a 30 A fuse strip, similar to the glow plug fuse. (GP fuse is 60A)

At 12:32 PM 1/30/2006, you wrote:
No blower operation at any push button position. #16 fuse looked good but was replaced, no change.

Does anyone know if there is another fuse on the SDL?

There was a thread recently discussing a requirement to add an inline fuse for the 126 but that might have been for pre 86 and 87 SDLs, I don't know.

Harry Watkins
Newton, MS
86 SDL Silver
85 300D Euro
86 SDL Gold
81 240D manual trans

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