> Andrew wrote:
> I used to think this was an elaborate hoax.  Now I am
> leading in the other direction (non-hoax).

> Canadian-based company NRStor Inc. set its sights on
> solving the complicated and critical problem of energy
> storage with technology that would compress air and store
> it in salt caverns to backup the grid when the wind isn't
> blowing.

Interesting idea.

I think if there is a hill that pumping water to the top will
probably have less losses.  One issue with compressed gas is
the act of compressing it makes it hot, and for long term
storage that heat will be lost.  The greater the pressure,
the greater the heat and the greater the loss.

If they have figured out a way to effectively use
low-pressure air to generate electricity, it might work out
really good.  But if it's just a turbine, high pressure makes
the turbine more effective, so there will be a compromise
either way.

Short term storage - as in day vs night - the heat could be
retained and then the system looks pretty good.  Except for
the explosion dangers.

--  Philip, speaking before reading up on the details


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