Just a friendly reminder from the ListMom:

If you get a hold notice because of an attachment, message being too big, etc., 
please drop me a note directly and let me know.

I ask because the amount of spam we get hit with on a daily basis is 
staggering, and if something is in the queue from a subscriber there’s nothing 
that makes it stand out, meaning I have to sift through literally hundreds of 
messages about male enhancement, parts suppliers, Nigerian bankers, etc., etc., 
etc., before I can find your message and approve it.

If you give me a heads up I’ll have a time stamp that’s relative close to the 
time you sent the message, giving me the ability to narrow down the location in 
the queue and cutting down on the amount of time it takes to find it.  Also, if 
I don’t know you have a message being held, there’s a good chance I’ll miss it 
and it will go into the bit bucket with the rest of the garbage.

Thank you.

Dan/Mom/Martha, whatever

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