Last night while driving home my glow light flickered on and off several times and then on my way to work this morning it came on several times while driving. At one point it stayed on solidly for more than a minute. Then it flickered a few more times and went out and did not come back the rest of the drive. I am concerned the glow plugs are coming on when not needed and will eventually burn themselves out. In addition to this issue the horn is only working intermittently and when I try to activate the horn (with the key on and the car not running)the dash lights dim as if it is trying to work. The only work I have done recently was to replace rear calipers, change out one heater to block hose and spray the underside of the car with undercoating. I checked and rotated all fuzes. All looked good. Any thoughts on what to look for?

Michael E. Esh
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