I am not posting this expecting any sort of response, none really needed or wanted. I just wanted to share this interview of my friend Bill after the shootings here last week. Sometimes he's a little over the top but generally speaks the truth as he sees it, which is sometimes not what I see or agree with but I respect it. He has been through a lot around here since the 50s. He served in Korea and was wounded just a few days before Christmas, and still has PTSD over that experience that comes out around the holidays. But he is strong and works through it.

He is indeed a troublemaker, of the good kind, and has given me a lot of inspiration in fighting a lot of what the local gummint idiots (and SC has a considerable supply) are trying to do. He has made me rethink a lot of what I "knew" and challenged a lot of thinking, and shared a lot of local lore that should be in history books but probably never will be, most of which is A Very Good Thing. Still fighting the good fight at 80, which is in itself inspiring.




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