Beauty is in the eye...

I can't stand a 140, looks like an overweight 124, only worse. The 220 looks like it has heft, but doesn't look fat. Amazon warrior vs. Opera Fat Lady.
Max Dillon
Charleston SC
'87 300TD
'95 E300

To me a 140 looks like an overweight 124. Always has. A 124 looks tiny beside a 123, and it reminds me of driving my Karmann Ghia, sitting sideways with your feet crammed into a tiny hole between the wheelwell and the tunnel. Straight on from the rear a 140 looks like a baby Benz. From the front and side a 140 looks like any other asian car.

RE: the aerodynamic arguments: I call BS on the idea that because of cafe and fuel economy all cars have to look the same. Two of the slickest cars ever: VW beetle, and the Cord. Both from the 30s. Neither look like the current load of carp. The SS and SSK, 540K, 300SL and even the lowly 190SL were not far from the slickest cars ever. Even the adenauer was slick. None of them look like the current load of crap (or carp, whichever you prefer) cars.

There is however the chicken and egg argument. most asian cars copy everything MB does, and even beat MB to the market with new designs. It is hard to argue that.

The asian manufacturing is much more agile than ameroEuro manufacturing. Dr. Deming taught them well. They have been at it for 70 years, while the US has only been using agile manufacturing 20 years, and it is slower catching on in Yurp.


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