Ok, it is not really that bad, but in the recent torrential downpours, I am getting water in the driver side rear footwell. I don't remember getting that before, but maybe it did happen. The car was stored inside for years.

Anyhow, the car has a new windshield and gasket, so I don't think it is the front windshield. I'll likely try to see if I can get the sunroof open and check clean drains. It could also be a leak from the rear glass. I had that in my 110 for years. the first time it was from the trunk hinge drains. on the second 110 it was the rear glass gasket.

Anyone BTDT? is the sunroof the right place to look? Or should I try clearing the trunk hinge drains first?

Been avoiding the sunroof because I don't want any of the fiddly parts to break and cause a great cash outlay. It probably has not opened for 10 yrs.

Thank'e all

1981 240D 123  failing slushbox


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