Thanks to Dimitri for pointing me to Advance Auto for a rebuilt caliper.
They even had an "ATE" compaitble one and it cost only $66 + a $25 core.
Local dealer discount price for a new one was over $400.  :((

The crappy part about AAP was that in order to PU at the store I needed to
go in person and purchase it, then come back the next day after it was
delivered from the warehouse.  No credit cards over the phone - sorry!  If
I had bought online I could have saved money using a coupon, but would have
had to pay for shipping and it would have taken an extra day, which was
unacceptable since the car was disabled and sitting at the shop.  The tech
installed it without incident or complaint, and now I have quiet brakes.
Whoever recommended Pagid pads - kudoes and thanks, becuase they are, as
the French say, *silencieux*.

Andrew, a Happy Camper
1983 300TD -white -  brakes clean, shudderand thump-free, and quietly
1985 300TD diamond blue garage queen

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