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> Allen-Edmonds flash sale right now. Lots of factory seconds cheap!

Did I miss it?
Shoebank.com prices are the same as they were since last Tuesday, Daltons for
$209, Jeffersons $197, Brooks Brothers $179...
Or do I have to call the outlet?
BTW, finally got my Walnut and Brown Jeffersons yesterday. 
My E width McTavish are a bit loose. 
The E width Jeffersons are a bit snug. If they stretch any noticeable amount,
they'll fit like the proverbial glove. 
The D width Jeffersons are unwearable, so I'm trading them in on a pair of EEE
because they don't have brown 2nds in 10E.
The funny thing is my foot measures to 11C, actually about 10.7C. But an 11D
Mctavish is slightly narrow and very long on my foot. 

I had been planning on getting Daltons for my next purchase, but I could not
pass up 60% off on the Jeffersons (70% off after a $50 American Express offer)
The Walnut Jeffersons are a stunningly beautiful shoe. The same in chocolate
brown is beautifully made, but the color makes them seem drab in comparison. 

Oxblood and burgundy are nice, but walnut and bourbon are my favorites.
I'd rather have a dark green car with leather the color of walnut shoes than the
usual mushroom/cream/parchment. 


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