Fuel filters were changed after a Diesel Purge at the last valve adjust in 
early November.  Problem happens with a full or empty tank of fuel.  Primer 
pump might be a year old now and is the new style.  I don't know about water in 
the fuel, I might purchase some addative and give that a try.  I've always 
fueled at the same location (unless on a road trip, then always at FlyingJ) 
with both the CD and SD and my parents fill their '85D up at the same location. 
 I've never had a quality issue with their fuel.

~On Monday, January 30, 2006, at 01:47 PM, Luther Gulseth wrote:
~       Have you checked/cleaned/changed the primary filter? They can and do 
~clog and I'm sure you know the car will run as you described. The 
~secondary (spin-on) filter can clog too but is less likely to.
~       Silly question: Could you be low on fuel? I've had some lying fuel 
~gauges cause me to run low. How about water in the fuel? It happens.
~Johnny B.
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