Yes, I'm quite tempted to ditch the Android OS that came loaded on my phone
and install a CyanogenMod OS, which offers more privacy by default.
Somehow I don't think that Apple devices are offering too much more in the
way of privacy.

Back to the original topic, I've already got a Skype account and had that
app loaded in the past, and they have already been assimilated into the
GoogleBorg, so I may as well just stick with that and not add another
player to the list of those who already have access to my phone.  In
addition, Skype will work on SWMBO's iPhone, I'll just need to show her how.

Skype rates for international calls aren't too terrible either, should she
decide to call her relatives in Italy.

Charleston SC

On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 2:59 PM, Mitch Haley via Mercedes <> wrote:

> The permissions thing, and the amount of data that the OS and non-removable
> Google apps move in and out of my phone after I try to lock down the
> security as
> much as I can, leaves me not wanting to be anywhere near an Android device.
> But, as you mention, some of the permissions are flat-out ridiculous: "in
> order
> to install Amazon Kindle book reader, you must allow Amazon to have full
> access
> to the GPS technology in your phone to track your position 24/7, do you
> accept?"
> Mitch.

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