Skype: Wrong-O, they are part of the Microsoft-Borg, not Google-Borg.  Oh
well, MS already has a lot on me.  I should buy stock in these bozos so I
at least get a small share of the profit they make selling my data...

Charleston SC

On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 3:13 PM, Meade Dillon <> wrote:

> Mitch,
> Yes, I'm quite tempted to ditch the Android OS that came loaded on my
> phone and install a CyanogenMod OS, which offers more privacy by default.
> Somehow I don't think that Apple devices are offering too much more in the
> way of privacy.
> Back to the original topic, I've already got a Skype account and had that
> app loaded in the past, and they have already been assimilated into the
> GoogleBorg, so I may as well just stick with that and not add another
> player to the list of those who already have access to my phone.  In
> addition, Skype will work on SWMBO's iPhone, I'll just need to show her how.
> Skype rates for international calls aren't too terrible either, should she
> decide to call her relatives in Italy.
> -------------
> Max
> Charleston SC
> On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 2:59 PM, Mitch Haley via Mercedes <
>> wrote:
>> The permissions thing, and the amount of data that the OS and
>> non-removable
>> Google apps move in and out of my phone after I try to lock down the
>> security as
>> much as I can, leaves me not wanting to be anywhere near an Android
>> device.
>> But, as you mention, some of the permissions are flat-out ridiculous: "in
>> order
>> to install Amazon Kindle book reader, you must allow Amazon to have full
>> access
>> to the GPS technology in your phone to track your position 24/7, do you
>> accept?"
>> Mitch.

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