Got my DAS system connected to the S430 for the first time today.  First thing 
I did was to run a full scan and look for fault codes.

All the major components (engine, transmission) passed with flying colors and 
had no faults.  There were a bunch of other systems that had faults, but many 
of them were historical and not errors, for things like a lamp going out and 
being replaced, and the fault not being cleared.

Because I made all sorts of changes to the D2B (fiber optic) system, I had to 
reprogram the adaptations for several systems, including the COMAND as well as 
the main CANBUS controller and instrument panel display.  Fortunately, the 
service bulletin for retrofitting the phone had all the menu entries so I knew 
where to go and what adaptations to change.

This probably took me a good 30 minutes to do, but now that it’s done the 
instrument panel display shows all the phone information and the voice control 
integrates completely, including the phone voice commands.

While it’s a little spooky having a car with this level of electronic 
sophistication, having the MB diagnostic software makes it pretty easy to see 
what’s going on and understand what or if there’s a problem.

Changed the spark plugs today, too.  The back two plugs (four and eight) are a 
PITA to get to, but doable.  I found one of the plug wires on #5 just hanging, 
so one plug in #5 doesn’t appear to have been firing for some time.  Thank 
goodness for double plugs!

There’s a spark plug boot removal tool that’s about $15 that I snagged off eBay 
last week.  Boy, what a difference that made.  Popped those little buggers 
right off.

Can’t say I can tell a difference in how it runs, but I haven’t driven it much 
since I did it, so the next few days will tell.

Tomorrow if I drive it much I’m draining and refilling the differential with 
Mobil1 gear oil.



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