Buy it.

I can probably scrounge up 6 tires for you. I have good tires on trailers. I'd just have to find some carcasses to put on storage trailers, or scrap a trailer.

If the engine is truly shot, why not buy a newer bigger MB engine out of a freightshaker. I doubt anyone wears out the MB engines. THe V-8 OM??? that DB put in a white in the 70s had a million or 1.5 million miles on it and was still in perfect shape. That engine may still be laying around. I can ask the soninlaw if they still have it. They scrapped the white but kept the engine.

If you think of the durability of an OM617 vs the durability of an OM 603 or OM606, then a MB truck engine form the 80s or 90s should be quite a but more durable than the 70-something V8 truck Diesel.

With more power, you could gear it so it will run highways speeds without working hard. It could make quite a rollback.

1113 had the lowest HP engine, somehow related to the 13. the 1116 and 1316 had more HP. A 1316 may require a CDL. A truck with a GVW rated 26,000 lb or less do not require a CDL. 26,001 up require a CDL. Best to stay away from CDL.

I am guessing this one is under 26,000 GVW

Good luck

Should use 11R x 22.5 tires, which are common to all semi tractors and in
good supply,, even as retreads for the drive tires ... about $200 each...
Steer tires should always be virgin rubber, no recap.. so another $350 each
for two of those.

What engine does it use?

Would make a killer rollback car haul truck. I've seen several rollback
beds on Craigslist here for decent price.. Moving cars with a rollback is
almost painless, I've moved cars that didn't even have wheels with a
rollback.. it didn't even blink..

Buy it .... you need it... really... I'll join the "attaboy chorus" when
you do..


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